In Memory

Steven Aschauer

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07/29/11 04:20 PM #1    

John McNamee


Steve died on Feb.8, 1968. If I remember correctly, he was serving in the Army at the time and was a victim of a truck accident. His time on earth was much too short, but then, we don't get to make such judgements, do we? 

      May he rest in peace.......

 Regards,  Dick Petrick via memo to Bruce Hrouda 

     Amen ......

08/01/11 09:21 PM #2    

John McNamee

From:  Bruce Hrouda

Steve Aschauer died serving his country [while in training] during the Vietnam War. He was one of our high school classmates and a great friend of mine.
He died just 2 weeks before he was going to get married to Marlene Smith a beautiful stewardess for United Airlines


11/06/11 03:09 PM #3    

Arthur Dulan

I don't see many comments here for Steve but it's a damn difficult thing to do--brings up memories you love and things you don't want to face. I think the guys in the clique we had in high school would agree that Steve was more or less the magnet that held us together as a group. We paired off here and there at times but if we were going to get together as a group it didn't happen if Steve wasn't going to be there. What he offered--why it worked that way--I don't know. He wasn't our  leader. He wasn't necessarily our idea man. He was just a good guy. He drew us in.

05/10/12 05:44 PM #4    

"Sam" Simon Krizan

Steve and I spent our 16 years of education together.  Saint John Nepomuk, Saint Catherine’s, Marquette University then we finally completed our good times.  I do not know, if anyone else had spent his entire childhood together with Steve like the one I did?  Simon Junior “Sam” was very lucky to get a critical skills miltary deferment from Westinghouse as an electrical engineer.   Steve was very unlucky but is still having a very good time in the life hereafter. 

Sam Krizan  847-398-7812

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