Gloria Albertini, Stedman-Brown, [Spouse - Bernard ‘Bernie’ Brown]
     Where did you meet: At Church, Current Address: 5532 WillowView Rd. Racine, WI. 53402
Home Phone: 262-639-3067 E-Mail: albertin@wi.net
    Children: Paul Stedman ( Anne) , Mary Vallone (Ron)
40th Class Reunion - July 20, 2002
While I may be late in doing so, I did want my thoughts of the past and present, and of forty years of life experiences to be shared with my St. Catherine’s classmates. Greetings from Gloria ‘Albertini’ Stedman-Brown.
Reunions bring so many memories to life. Nostalgia takes over and we go back to a time of our youth that was both frightening and exciting. How I remember my dreams and plans for the future. Some came to be as I had imagined, others formed out of life’s ever changing moments. Now as I look back to reminisce and look forward to dream, I see my life as part of a whole. Part of that whole makes me what I am today and part is still forming.
My good friend and our classmate, Barbara ‘Botsch’ Orth laughed when I refer to my life in ‘Quarters’ especially since I see myself in the third ‘Quarter’. I guess since both of my parents lived till 96 years of age, I expect longevity. While this may or may not be true , I do hope for quality and not just quantity for my future.
The Dominican Sisters contributed immensely to my formation. Through grades 1 through 12 , I remember them with a sense of warmth and family. I remember women who cared about me and women who taught me the skills to live fully, to face challenges and to overcome obstacles – all with the intent of becoming a complete person, to be a survivor, to be happy. These women helped me to become aware of the spiritual, to become aware of someone beyond myself who remains constantly involved in my life. 
I laugh when I think of the ‘Sodality’ and the hours we spent jumping though hoops to be part of it. Yet, I believe this and many other experiences in high school laid the groundwork for who I am today. Most of those experiences were good. Others helped me to form my own opinions and gave me strength to decide for myself what paths I had to take.
I did become a Registered nurse. For me this was a dream come true. For more than 30 years I’ve worked in this profession and have never regretted the choice I made. My education, my first marriage and two children all occurred in that first quarter of my life. Nothing seemed impossible.
          During years 25 to 50, (my 2nd Quarter) I never anticipated the dramatic changes that would occur. Life was going well, my husband, Paul, had completed veterinary school after both our children were born, and I continued working as a nurse. We eventually relocated back to Racine with our children attending St. Rita’s school and again the Dominican Sisters were their teachers. In 1978 we purchased a Veterinary business and while extremely in debt, we remained hopeful for the good life - enjoying our family and doing work we both loved. I worked for the Sisters at Siena Center as Director of Nursing for the small nursing home they ran. I again felt part of their family and loved my work. Paul’s practice grew and we became involved in the Racine community frequently meeting my classmates from St. Cat’s. Our life was progressing well when in 1985 Paul was diagnosed with cancer. My kids were 14 and 16 and I found myself in a living nightmare. Until it’s at your doorstep, one always thinks bad things happen to others - at least I did. But I slowly learned, as I’ve read so many of you have in your lives, that we just don’t know when the unthinkable will become part of our reality.
In spite of all the therapies and chemotherapy, Paul died 10 months after being diagnosed with cancer. And so at 41, my best friend was gone and I was looking ahead to raise two teenagers by myself. It was truly the most devastating experience I had known. Somehow, I believe the attitudes, beliefs, and determination experienced in my youth gave me the strength and conviction that life would go on and it would again be good.
Through all of this I continued working at Siena and was supported by the kindness of the Sisters. In this ‘Quarter’ I had experienced an unanticipated death and would find an unexpected future.
I eventually met a wonderful man who had spent twenty years in Ministry. Again, choices were made - we married and he left his life of ministry. After a few years of teaching high school, Bernie became totally involved in the veterinary practice as administrator. Life seemed good again and I finally attained a personal goal of obtaining a Master’s Degree. In my 2nd ’Quarter’ I had experienced both a tremendous loss and a beautiful gift. My children graduated from St. Cat’s and both completed college. Our business was successful with the help of wonderful employees. And I continued working at Lincoln Lutheran part time and remained involved in our business.
I visualize 50 to 75 years as my ‘3rd Quarter’ and perhaps the one that will be most rewarding. My children have married and blessed us with four grandchildren. They both have successfully started their own businesses. Unfortunately, one family lives in Seattle and the other in Phoenix. While we have wonderful places to visit, we do miss our grandchildren.
However, life continues to be good in other ways. This past year our business sold and we are looking towards a new life of relaxation and perhaps ‘new’ careers. One could say we’re in retirement ‘a little’. 
I have recently taken a position with the Dominican Sisters as Director of the Senior Companion Program. I’m still defining my position but again feel comfortable to be ‘back home’ at Siena Center. I love what I’m doing! Bernie continues to search for his new ‘call’ but loves being grounds keeper at our home. Our life is becoming a new reality.
I have been blessed as I reminisce about my past and look forward to my future. I know from experience that future events will include both joy and pain. But for now, I am grateful for my family, my friends, for my life and for that ‘4th’ Quarter to come (hopefully).
Thank you for sharing in my nostalgia. I am looking forward to reminiscing with you July 20th. God Bless.        Gloria ‘Albertini’ Stedman-Brown

N6611 Shorewood Hills Rd
Lake Mills
(920) 648-5429

      Senior Vice President, Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc.
Garry D. Anderson was born in Racine, Wisconsin in 1943. After graduation from St. Catherine’s High School, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force where he served for four years in the intelligence branch of the military. After returning from the Air Force, Garry attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1970. Following college, Garry worked as a mortgage banker, then as President of a private real estate development and construction firm. He also served as President of the Dairyland Builder’s Association and as President of the Young Mortgage Banker’s Association. In 1982, he began a career as an investment professional, first with Blunt Ellis & Loewi, Inc. and later with Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc.
At Baird, as a Senior Vice President, Garry manages over $90 million of assets for high net worth individuals, corporations and foundations. His expertise includes comprehensive financial planning, retirement planning, corporate retirement plans, investment consultation and IRA rollovers. Regarding his approach to investing he states, “My investment philosophy is to formulate a long-term financial plan after ascertaining my client’s financial goals and their risk tolerance.” Garry believes strongly in thoroughly understanding a client’s financial needs in order to design a strategy that fits. “Earning my client’s trust and having a strong comfort level between us are two major factors needed to plan for financial independence.”
Active in his community, Garry contributes his time to several health and community service organizations, including Board Member and Treasurer of Rogers Memorial Hospital, Board member of Partners in Behavioral Health, Public Board member of Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital, Board member of Waukesha Heart Association, member of the Oconomowoc Rotary, and United Way volunteer. He also enjoys many activities in his leisure time including golf, fishing, hunting, biking, theater, and symphony performances.
Garry and Veronica, his wife of 32 years, are proud of the accomplishments of their two daughters. Sara, a graduate of The University of Wisconsin – Madison and Georgetown University, works in Washington D.C. for the Department of Defense. Brenda, who graduated from Carroll College in Waukesha, has begun a career in finance working as a financial advisor with Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc. in the Oconomowoc office. 
Mike Backus    9253 N 51st St      Brown Deer, WI  53223        backus@execpc.com   (414) 354-7411
                        (submitted 2/25/2002)
I HAVE LOST MY MEMORY!  Well, not exactly, but I did lose all my physical memories of all of you when my Sr SCHS yearbook was one of many valuable items lost in a basement flood some years ago. Lesson Learned: never place valuables on lower storage shelves!  I look forward therefore to seeing all of you to help me bring back those lost memories.  Fear not I have no records of what you wrote in my yearbook 40 years ago.
After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in January of 1967 I started as a programmer at Northwestern Mutual Life.  As a math major I can tell you that means in January of this year I celebrated 35 years with this great company.  Currently I am an Associate Director of Information Systems and responsible for IT Security.  Yes , the Top Cop!
My wife Marlene, a teacher by training, raised our three sons and one daughter and is now back in teaching Adult Literacy in the Inner City of Milwaukee.  Our daughter, also a teacher, has blessed us with our first grandchild who just turned one.  As many of you know, this experience is second to none for a parent.
Sailing continued to be a fun part of our lives.  I stayed with competitive sailing during our early-married life and then taught all 4 of my kids to sail and race when we purchased a cottage near the Dells.  I gave up the sport when they consistently beat me at my own game! Now a party pontoon boat is my mode of water travel!
Back in '82 I think I wrote that when I grew up I wanted to be assured of having a full head of thick black hair and a thin waistline.  No such luck!  See you in July!
Timothy Basaldua             (Information located on www.classmates.com 2/20/2002)
After three years in the Army I moved to Chicago to attend The Art Institute of Chicago. In the summer of 1967 I started my first job as a graphic designer for a textbook design company. I continued to work in this field until late 1994. I had always wanted to be a teacher, so I enrolled at the University of Illinois Chicago. Later I changed to Northeastern Illinois. My goal was to teach High school mathematics, however, abstract algebra may force me to change to Elementary level education. I also started to write short stories. Primarily childhood recollections packed with thick layers of irony and animism.





Rick Bonini      4245 Harvest Lane, Racine, WI 53402 (262)639-5756   superrj@execpc.com
After high school I began my career as a barber. I worked in that profession until 1972. Then I started at JI Case Co and retired from there May, 2002.
I met my wife Joyce Lefave at Spencer’s Bowling Lanes and we have three children – one daughter and two sons. We are both retired now and we can spend more time with our family.
Forty years of life experience has taught me….
 “What is used to think was important no longer is, but what’s important is God, family and friends.”
Michael C. Binetti         1111 S 12th St, St. Charles, IL 60174-4417
    09Jul43 – 29May96        In Memoriam
  Information provided by Wm. Binetti, brother, Racine, Wisconsin:
As you are aware, Mike died in May, 1996 he was 52 years old, married leaving Patricia his wife and his 3 beautiful children.  Mike worked for the State of Ill. highway dept. as a foreman.  He always maintained a great sense of humor, loved sports (remember he was all state tackle at St. Cat's), and had a great gift of bullshit.  I once told my brother that 90% of what came out of his mouth was bullshit, to which he replied - 90% ain't bad!  Mike was very loyal. If you were his friend he would cover your back and defend your reputation if need be.  Michael, the oldest son is an accountant for Arthur Anderson, Tim is in law school, and Colette is a senior at Kansas University. Mike was the best joke teller I ever met, he would often laugh out the punch line as he finished the joke, which in turn would cause the listener to laugh that much more.  Mike is sadly missed.    signed  bnooch
521 N Wisconsin
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Weiss
(920) 336-7606
Carol Bowman Weiss
Mike and I are currently living in DePere, WI . After high school I worked at the American Bank and Trust Co as a secretary. I met my husband in grade school and married him September 4, 1965. He was drafted in the fall of 1966 and went through Officer Candidate school. We were sent to Germany for 2 years. After 3 years of service, we moved to Minneapolis for a year and then the Green Bay/DePere area where we started our family. We have been here ever since and love it.
 Our two children, Patrick and Christiana are grown and married and we have four grandchildren--two boys and two girls.  I spend two days a week babysitting for my grandchildren and love that too! I also spend time in our 90-year old home decorating, quilting, reading and taking care of our garden. When not working at home, we enjoy many friends in the Green Bay area, traveling, attending Mike's musical events, and spending time with family. Life has been good as we both enjoy good health, a sense of purpose and have maintained the religious foundation we received from our parents as well as our Catholic education. 
Forty years of life experience has taught me
“that it’s meaning is the same as it was for those who have passed before us…
·         we’re all unique;
·         we’re all here as individuals for a purpose
·         we’re here to discover and fulfill that purpose (by the choices we make) be it big or small
·         we’re here to serve each other in that pursuit, trying not to get caught up in the small stuff, and
·         we return to our maker to accept our individual blue ribbon.”
Carol Bowman Weiss
Maureen Brinkman Eisenman   1102 Walton Ave, Racine, WI 53402    (262) 639-9084
 After school, I worked at American Bank & Trust Co. from 1962 – 1965. I met my husband, Joseph (deceased) through friends. We had 3 children together, Christopher, Colleen & Patrick. Joe and I were married on September 12, 1964 and were married for almost 31 years until his death in 1995. I had a great marriage with Joe!!We raised 3 great kids who are all married now and I’m fortunate enough to have grandchildren – 3 boys and 3 girls. My children all live here in Racine, so I consider myself very lucky! They’re all St. Catherine’s graduates and have furthered their education and become wonderful adults.
            Forty years of life experience has taught me
“To be grateful for every day of my life and thankful for all that I have been blessed with. Life can change so fast and I’ve learned not to take anything for granted. I wouldn’t have changed anything in my life – I only wish I could share my “golden years” with my dear husband.
Roslin Buehler Aubart   1102 Soo Blvd Rice Lake, WZI 54868   (715) 234-1615  daleaa@centurytle.net
 Dale and I have three children – Rebecca, Carmen, and Mark and one granddaughter – Elizabeth – now 20 years old.
I met my husband Dale, at a swimming hole on Hwy 32, and married 6 months after high school and hade my first child a year and month later in Junction City, Kansas, where Dale was stationed in the Army. After his tourof duty we moved back to Racine where our second daughter was born. We lived in Racine for two years until Dale was transferred with the telephone company to Rice Lake. I was a stay-at-home mom until our youngest, Mark was 5. We owned a resort for 4 years, then I started an upholstery business, Bayside Upholstery. Then, we started a business in the Mall – “Kitchen & Cream” – an ice cream & kitchenware shop which we ran for 5 years. I got into selling real estate for a year and found that speculation was more profitable – so Dale & I built three cottages on major lakes, which sold quickly. I ended my working life painting & wallpapering as a business, “Aubart’s Interiors” for ten years.
            Both Dale and I are retired – he with a buy out at age 52 and me 3 years later. We spend our winters traveling in our motor home where it’s warm and our summers on the lake.
            Forty years of life experience…has taught me that family is the most important thing in this life. An also that the most successful person, in the end, is the person that trusts Jesus Christ as his Saviour and spends eternity with Him.



 Pete Cepukenas and Rita Daniels Cepukenas (Class of 1962 Park HS)
    4902 Singing Trees Dr. Racine, WI 53406            pceppy@aol.com
After graduation I attended UW-Racine Extension. I then went to Racine Technical Institute graduating with an associate degree in electronics. I worked at In-sinkerator for 33 years before retiring in 1999.
I met my wife Rita at Brusha’s Pizza. We had some mutual friends. We’ve been married 37 years and counting. We are both retired and really enjoying it. We don’t know how we had time to work. We have 4 children, 3 daughter-in-laws and 7 grandchildren. They live in Wisconsin, Virginia and Arizona; so we do a lot of traveling when visiting our children and grandchildren. 
Florida calls after the first of the year to get away from old-man winter whenever possible. This year we will spend two months at various time-shares in the South.
My greatest enjoyments are golf, fishing and the grandchildren. Rita’s greatest joy is spending time with her grandchildren and making costumes for them at the holidays.
Barbara Christman Christiansen   2304 65th Drive, Franksville, WI 53126   (262) 878-4831  chrisb@aol.com
After high school I began my marriage and for 10 years was a stay-at-home mom while Arnie obtained his brick & stonemason apprenticeship.
After that I returned to school & obtained by LPN – RN and finally BSN and graduate nursing credits. I have worked for the State for 21+ years. During that time we built a home in Yorkville and I also assist Arnie in his contracting business.
 Forty years of life experience has taught me…Do unto other as you would have them do unto you.
And … never sacrifice time with your family for work. Vacations are a necessary part of life to revitalize yourself and your family.
Stephen Clementi   96 Woodfield Court, Racine, WI 53402 (262) 639-0543 sjclementi@prodigy.net
After high school, I began my adult life in the same way my childhood started, I got lucky! I fell in love with my wife when we were freshmen (1958). I married her in 1964 and we have four great kids. Stephen A., Jr.; Carl; Therese; and Anna.
            More good luck – my career as a barber was taking off at the same time that I got married. In 1974, I that the opportunity to buy my first business, “The Captain’s Chair North”. More good luck, being at the right place at the right time. I stayed at the business till 1989 when I bought a cleaning business from Johnson Wax. I started Molly Maid of Racine. That’s when I had some bad luck. This business was not what I imagined it would be so I sold it and my bad luck was over. I went back to barbering and continue at it today.
            My four children all graduated from college. The son of an Italian immigrant with four college educated children, now that’s good luck.
            Forty years of life experience has taught me…”a few things”. First, everyone gets lucky; sometimes good luck and sometime bad luck. We show our character in both the good and the bad luck situations. Second, we leave one thing to this world, and that’s our name. Third, our family members are the most important people in our lives. Fourth, our time on Earth is short, so we should attack it like each of our life experiences is our last one. DO IT NOW!
[ Editor’s note: The next submission is somewhat out of order, when using the alphabet listing as we have – but the Lord’s Ordering System has put these two people together for “over forty years” and I will not be party to separating them at this juncture.]
Jean Huennekens Clementi  96 Woodfield Ct., Racine, WI 53402 (262) 639-0543 sjclementi@prodigy.net
                        Mother of four children, Steve, Jr.; Carl; Therese; and Anna.
            After high school 1 worked as a dental assistant. When my first child was born 1 was lucky enough to be able to stay home and raise my four children. When the youngest started first grade, 1 became the education mom. I went back to school to become a certified dental assistant. I then worked in that field for 9 years and helped to send my children to St. Catherine's and college. I then changed to my present job and have worked for the past 13 years as a customer service representative at an orthodontic laboratory. I plan to work for another 4-5 years.
Forty years of life experience has taught me… how lucky I am to be here living in Racine surrounded by old and new friends and neighbors, still happily married to my High School Sweetheart, my best friend, my lover, and my best supporter. Together we raised 4 wonderful kids who have grown to be happy, healthy and productive adults. We've moved from being the director of their lives to standing beside them as friends. They have blessed us with daughter-in-laws and 4 grandchildren who are our greatest delight. Our lives as Empty Nesters has enabled us to travel and come and go as we please. However, I still am happiest when my family is with us. The most difficult part of this time of life, is watching my sweet, gentle mother slowly die. We had to move her to a nursing home last Fall, which is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
We look forward to the end of our working lives and then on to "non-retirement" when we, hopefully, will meander for a couple years in our motor home. We plan to stay in this area as long as most of our family is still close by. Except for March, I love living in Wisconsin. I pray that I will stay healthy so I can finish all the things I still have on my "TO DO” list.
Susan J. Cronin Verheyen  6601 Mariner Drive # 3, Racine, WI 53406 ( 262) 321-0400 sjverheyen1@)mycidco.com
After graduation in 1962 I worked for a couple of years and then was married in January 1965 and divorced in 1976. I have two sons, Peter was born in October 1965 and Michael was born in February 1967. I was a stay-at-home mom until they started school and then I went to Gateway and earned an Associate Degree in Accounting and then started working for a local accounting firm in June, 1977. In 1986 I decided to go back to school and enrolled at Alverno College graduating in December 1989 with a BA in Business Management. I worked for 22 years at the accounting firm and then in 2000 and changed jobs; I am now the Office Manager at a local heat-treating facility.
I have 4 grandchildren. There is nothing better than being a grandma, I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren when I can. My oldest son, Peter and his wife Debbie live in Pleasant Prairie, WI along with Nicholas (7), Kaitlyn (5) and Amanda (2). My other son, Mick and his wife, Nancy, live in Niles, IL with their son, Jack (2).
If nothing else, forty years of life experiences has taught me that nothing is for sure and never stop learning and enjoying what's around you. Whether it's wine tasting, fishing, golfing, bike riding, cooking classes, traveling or friends & family. So far in 2002, I went on a safari to Africa in February and I bought a condo and am moving after living in the same place for over 30 years. I also have a timeshare in New Orleans. I am happy, healthy and enjoying my life.
Looking forward to the next reunion. Susan
Gary David  1525 N 35th St., Sheboygan, WI 53081 (920)208-2946 
 Gary and his wife Judith Helbling (class of ’64) who he met at St. Catherine’s have five children, 3 girls and 2 boys.
   After high school, Gary started his career at Piggly Wiggly (Schultz Sav-O). He spent 32 years with Schultz and resigned as a supervisor in Sheboygan in 1994. After Gary started his career, he married Judith in October, 1964 and started their family. In 1994, Gary and Judith along with one son, moved to Las Vegas. As it turned out, they returned to Sheboygan in 1996. Gary is now employed as a supervisor for a sausage company (Old Wisconsin) and his wife Judith is a manager at a brand new apartment complex in Sheboygan. They enjoy visiting their children especially their 10 grandchildren – with one more on the way in November.
Forty years of life experience has taught me…Enjoy every day, no matter what you are doing.





Janice Duchac
Dear (John) & Classmates from 1962 SCHS,
I am planning to come to the States this summer (2002) but do not know the exact dates yet.  I would love to come to the Reunion - when is the deadline?
An alternative email I use when I'm traveling is:  janduchac@hotmail.com
           My address is:  P.O. Box 811, The Village Market, Nairobi, Kenya
Of course, any message can be gotten to me through my cousin, Rosemary (Duchac) Patch in Racine. An address in the States where you can send anything related to the Reunion (if it's not e-mailable) is care of my sister (also a graduate of St. Cat's - but not the same year):  
Frances Fountain , 5612 Catoctin Ridge Drive, Mt. Airy, Maryland 20017
Look forward to touching base with you in person in July.
Warm regards,
            Jan Duchac
3/34/2002 update
It has been great to hear from some of my classmates.  What memories!
            An update, as requested.  After graduating from St. Catherine's in 1962 I worked in the Racine area (as medical secretary / assistant for two years and then one year with S.C. Johnson & Son in the legal department) until 1965, when I moved to Oshkosh and got a B.Sc. in Psychology and in Social Work from Wisconsin State University (now part of the  University of Wisconsin system).  In 1969 I moved to the Washington, D.C. area, worked full time in a variety of jobs and got my M.Sc. in Administration of Justice from American University.
In 1974, I moved to Nairobi, Kenya, worked for a time with U.S.-A.I.D. and then moved on to assist with the administrative and community development work in the Baha'i Community.  (I became a Baha'i during my university years in Wisconsin.)  And here I still am!  Enjoying the beautiful country and its peoples and the great climate.  
In addition to working in administration, have been involved in various community development projects, and continue to do some marriage counseling, training in consultation and conflict-resolution, preventative medicine,  and gender sensitivity.    In spare time, have been involved in writing, editing / proofreading for the Baha'i Publishing Agency of Kenya.   And, of course, my first love, reading.
Although am hoping to get to the States and Wisconsin in July, am still unsure of my schedule.

Warm regards, Jan Duchac P.O. Box 811, The Village Market, Nairobi, Kenya
home 254-2-568074  / office 254-2-522016 / cell 254-2-733-737291
Email:  cbc@alphanet.co.ke /  janduchac@hotmail.com
Dave Dudor  10670 S. Howell Ave Oak Creek, WI 53154 ddudor@wi.rr.com (414)764-2393
            I attended UW-Milwaukee immediately after high school before I joined the Army. After a brief stay in the Army, I began my career at S.C. Johnson Wax at the Entomology Research Center. In 1969 I married my 8th grade girl friend, Donna Mae and moved to Oak Creek. We began our family of four sons with Michael being the oldest at 33. Mike (married to Tamie) is a computer programmer in Milwaukee. Dr. Brian (married to Sonya) is 31 years old and has a family practice with Lake Shore Medical in Muskego, WI. Our son Greg (married to Kari) is 30 and works for Racine County. Dan is 28 and is getting married to Kendra in April 2003. His career is in sales. We have been blessed with two grandsons and two granddaughters.
            In our early years of marriage, we raised Tropical fish. We had more than 100 tanks set up in our basement. It was a fun hobby that we could do together and still be with the boys. I remember the little ones splashing their hands in the water and getting all wet. In keeping with the hobby, we have a several backyard ponds that keep us busy with Koi and common goldfish.
            After 35 years with Johnson Wax, I retired in 1999 to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, IF I wanted to do it. Being homebound too much (Donna Mae was still teaching), I convinced her to retire from MATC. So in May of 2000, she took up golfing instead of teaching. We both golf a lot…she gives me lots of competition! She even lets me win once in a while.
            Forty years of life experience has taught me…
Family is precious…treat them with respect and love.
Share your blessings with others…be generous.
Give your neighbor a helping hand…they will return the favor.
Be honest!
Art Dulan   1065 Old Mill Drive     Palatine, IL 60067       adulan1@attbi.com    (847) 358-2737
            I met my wife Kathy (Saldana) in Chicago. After we married, we moved to Kansas City for five years then moved back to Chicago. We have one son, Scott Saldana.
            After high school I went into the Navy. I then went to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and earned a B.A. in Economics. My career is now in sales.
            Forty year of life experience has taught me…
Try not to take it seriously.
People who say money isn’t everything, have all the money.
Never stop doing what you do best. It’s your lifeline.
Always kiss your wife when she leaves for work.
Pat Eaton Schoff   3132 Barbara Drive   Racine, WI 53404   patschorff@ameritech.net   (262)634-6717
                After high school I went to work at Johnson’s Wax until I got married to Jim. Then I moved on to JI Case and various part-time jobs until our two daughters and son were in school.
After that I…went to Sears for a part-time job that turned into full time. It seems time flew by and 20 years later I retired from there. Right now I am helping Jim with the office part of the machine shop we own. Most of all – we are enjoying our six grandchildren. Also, we spend as much time as we can manage at our place in Adams/Friendship, WI.
            Time goes by so quickly, I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do and be when I grow up.
W10245 Gilwin Ln
submitted 03/07/2002    revised 7/02                                           (920) 779-6025
Mark Engelbreth 
Mark, a graduate of Holy Trinity GS and ’62 St. Cat’s took that "unholy" path of sex, drugs and alcohol after leaving Racine in the fall of 1964. Fortunately, drugs and alcohol were required subjects at the University of Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine as well as the sex, otherwise known as, Animal Husbandry. During his days of vivisection studies and suturing injured animals, he met a young girl from rural New York with the dimples of Shirley Temple.
Two years later, Mark & Barb were married in Park Falls, WI, where Mark has been known to disappear for weeks at a time during hunting/fishing seasons with his cousins. After graduation, Mark began his career in the Neenah/Menasha area where he developed his surgical skills in reconstructing small animal bone injuries. Veterinary duties require many nights of lost sleep caring for animal injuries and diseases, and Mark never shied away from the constant care of his patients. During the early 1980’s, Mark and Barb purchased the Appanasha Veterinarian Clinic from Mark’s retiring partner in order that Mark could establish his own practice. Mark has been involved in the Wisconsin Veterinarian Association as past-president, as well as serving on committees for the YMCA and local animal shelters. Barb has been financial guru of the clinic’s day-to-day operations and co-visionary of the future growth of the clinic. She continues to work at the clinic on a part time basis and continues to enjoy volunteering for church and community organizations.
In their 34 years of mutual admiration, Mark and Barb have produced a wonderful son, Patrick and three of the loveliest daughters any couple could have ever dreamed. Pat & his wife both work for the City of Neenah and are expecting their second child fall/2002. Pat is an avid lover of hunting and fishing along with his dad. Mark & Barb’s oldest daughter Dana, lives and teaches bilingual classes in Fort Collins, Colorado. Dana and James, her husband, have two sons. Their second youngest daughter Lee is engaged to be married this September (2002) in Breckenridge, Colorado. Lee has just completed medical school and will be doing a residency in Pediatrics. Jana, the youngest, was married on the cliff gardens of Rochester, MN in July of 2001. She recently left her position at the Mayo Clinic to move to Denver, where she will be working at Children’s Hospital in the Cardiac Care Center. She specializes in Cardiac Ultrasound on newborns with congenital heart defects.
This leaves Mark & Barb with all their children in the Denver area except their son/daughter-in-law and one granddaughter. When confronted with this "grandparent-dilemma", Barb purchased the fastest "turbo-Saab" that money could buy, and can be seen in the future blowing past the fastest of the western "road-runners" on her way to Colorado.
Mark has no plans of retirement at this time - he enjoys his selected calling more each day that he works with fellow vets and the animals in need of his experienced care. Mark & Barb have always been of the animal-care philosophy that no animal should be "put down" when there are other caring animal lovers willing to make that special sacrifice for animals in need. As a long-time friend of both Mark & Barb, I can attest to the myriad of animals that have resided with the Engelbreth family over the years; "Wrecker" the adopted cat with a mangled paw, one ear & half a tail; "Kip", the autistic Golden Lab that couldn’t be taught to swim at the family lake cottage; and "Mollie", a black/white mixed Springer Spaniel that would drop rocks at your feet all day long until you threw them into the lake for her to find in water as deep as "ten feet". Some of these home-sheltered animals never ventured from underneath the bed, due the mistreatment by others; but yet, they were always fed/watered and provided with love and medical care until called to their final "home".
Mark & Barb have been unable to attend previous reunions in the Racine area because of work and family situations. Both are looking forward to this reunion as their first to visit with old classmates of both Holy Trinity and St. Cats. Also, this will allow Mark to introduce his new bride (of 34 years) to the rest of his old friends, since he claims he didn’t have our addresses when he got married!
Karen Erick Kreutz 8965 W. Grantosa Drive Milwaukee, WI 53225  kreutzkl@mail.milwaukee.k12,wi.us
            After high school I attended Dominican College and graduated with a degree in Education and Music. After that I taught 8 years as a second grade teacher at Wind Point School, then my husband Fred (whom I met at a Christmas Party) and I began our family in 1974. I left my career to raise our children. Our oldest, Ericka is 28 and lives in New York working as an actress. Kendra is 27 and is and Industrial Engineer in Madison. Ted is 26 has a PhD in Physics and lives in Santa Barbara. Erin is a forester and lives in Madison.
            In 1979, we moved to Milwaukee. I went back into teaching in 1989, which was a good move for me!
            Forty years of life experience has taught me…
My family is number one. To raise four successful, intelligent children takes ultimate dedication by both husband and wife. Life is tender and can be difficult if the family bond is not strong. My husband Fred and I are both educators. He is just recently retired after 35 years with Milwaukee Public Schools working as an administrator. I am still teaching 6th grade English at Roosevelt Middle School for the Creative Arts in Milwaukee. This also keeps me active with music since I work with the beginning string orchestra and also a performance ensemble group. Our family has been blest with happiness and good health. I have overcome breast cancer and have been cancer free for 2 years now.





Kathy Garbarek Zaumeyer
I went to Dominican College and married Don 3 weeks after graduation.  I taught 3rd and 4th grade for over 9 years, then stayed home with our son, David, after he was born in 1978.  David was born with numerous disabilities, and I became his primary advocate.  He has Williams Syndrome, autism and is also nonverbal, so I learned a lot about alternative and augmentative communication, and helped develop a communication-board system for him to use.  He stayed home with us until last year, age 22, when he expanded his horizons by moving into a group home.  He currently lives in a supervised group home in Whitewater.
Don has been with SCJohnson for 34 years, is an electrician and not interested in retiring yet.  I am "retired" from active motherhood and am now enjoying the things Don & I can now do together. I also like to read, bake chocolate chip cookies (I give them all away), do crosswords, and volunteer at church and at Toys for Tots
Dick & Marietta Garski
5345 Linden Circle, Racine, WI 53405
262-632-5301            dick.garski@precise-corp.com
Dick Garski –Vice President Sales, The Precise Corporation   (submitted 3/01/2002)
It is hard to believe that 40 years have come and gone and I don’t know where they are. I do remember that on the Monday after graduation, I start working in the machine shop at Twin Disc in Racine. I spent almost 11 years there, 6 in the machine shop and 5 in the office. In 1964 I married Marietta Hansen (class of ’61). Over the years she has become my source of strength and we were blessed with two fantastic daughters, Angela Rose and Rebecca Katherine. So far Ang and Jon, who live in Racine, have provided us with two super granddaughters, Jessica who will be 14 in July and Heather who will be 12 in November. Sure glad that I am not getting older. Bec and Scott, who live outside Boston, just got married two years ago and they promise that they will add to the grandchild list in the near future.
In 1974 I went to work at Snap-On Tools in Kenosha as a Marketing and Product Specialist. For the first 5 years I traveled all over the United States putting on sales meetings and training their sales force. During the last 6 years I traveled all over the world working with their International sales force. This allowed me to visit over 30 different countries, some a multiple of times. This is when I found out that the world really is small and I should have learned about 6 different languages.
In 1985 I went to work at The Precise Corporation in Racine as a District Sales Manager and in 1989 became Vice President Sales. Because we are a two-plant operation with a sales manager at our plant in Germany, I am only responsible for sales in North America, Central and South America, Australia and New Zealand. Our company has been in Racine for over 60 years but very few people in Racine even know we exist. The reason for this is that we are involved in a specialized segment of the Machine Tool Industry and we do not market a product that is used directly by the general public.
In our free time Marietta and I enjoy going to live theater, especially musicals and movies. We also enjoy visiting with our daughters, granddaughters and son-in-laws. I try to make it to all of the Racine Raiders football games because I think they are a lot more fun than going to watch the pros. I try to play golf when I have time but in the last two years I have only played 4 times.
I still like to sing just like I did when I was at St. Cat’s under the direction of Sister Felicia. I am currently singing with the Racine Dairy Statesmen Barbershop Chorus, plus a quartet called “Just Because”. What is really a lot of fun for all the quartets from our chorus around Valentine’s Day, is to deliver singing Valentines throughout Racine to someone’s sweetheart. It is so much fun to see their reactions that I take vacation time just to be able to sing with my quartet.
            I also sing with another group made up of about 40 men called The Church Singers. When invited, this group will travel to a church in the Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha area to sing during the church service. We sing at any denomination church because the membership of our group is nondenominational. Maybe you have heard us sing at your church.
As you can see, most of my free time is taken up with singing but I have found that it is a great way for me to relax. Marietta and I look forward to see everyone at the reunion and I hope these old bones can still dance when the music starts. I sure hope they play a lot of slow ones. See you soon.
Jerome Berchem       31205 Red Oak Lane, Waterford, WI 53185     262-534-3481   austinw@tds.net
   Jerry met his wife, Kathryn Kressig, on a blind date. They were blessed with two children – Glenn Michael (deceased) and Mary Catherine.
 11609 E 32nd St
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hempel
(509) 922-3555
Linda Bentz Hempel
I will be attending the reunion in July and wish all my classmate the best until then.. Life has been good! God has Blessed us with two daughters - but has made us wait for grandbabies.  However, if all goes well we will have our first grandson in early June.

Tom and I met working at St. Mary’s Hospital (as high school jobs) and I worked in the office at SC Johnson and later as an office manager for Southland Corporation for 21 year prior to retiring in 1993. 
Tom choose the Air Force as his career choice. We lived in Omaha, where Michele was born; Okinawa, where Melissa was born, Washington, D.C. and Spokane where Tom retired from the Air Force.
Tom and I am enjoying retired life...doing some social justice volunteering and attending Bible Study Fellowship.  Tom, my husband has been retired from the Air Force for 20 years and is currently transporting our most precious commodities, our children, driving a big yellow limo ( school bus).  This affords us summers off to travel in our motor home.  Enjoy salmon fishing off the coast of Washington.
PS – we have new grandson born May 31st – our first grandchild!
Forty years of life experience has taught me….
 “There is nothing more important than walking with God!” 

     In Memoriam
Michael Bernhardt was my very first date--second grade—although it really wasn't a date because we were with my brothers, but we did sit alone in the old "Crown Theatre" on 16th St.  Mike reached over and held my hand when the movie got too scary for me.  My prayers are with Mike and all the deceased from Holy Name School.


These fine souls represent 25% of those that have passed on from our [gs] class, may they, with the rest of our classmates that have gone to the Lord have everlasting peace with Him.
Gretchann Birkholz Bloomer Dalgaard  Freshmen class of 1958 SCHS Grad -'62 Horlick HS
 Spouse:  Gary W. Dalgaard ('62 Horlick) 4366 Hwy TT, Sun Prairie, WI 53590    608/837-4894
Children:       Mark Bloomer  (36); William Dalgaard  (33); A. Birgit Dalgaard  (13)
Married to Richard Bloomer for nine years.  Had son, Mark, who now lives in Hudson, WI, and works in St. Paul, MN as a GIS specialist.  He has my only grandson, Matthew, age four.  We divorced and I finished my degree at UW-SP earning a BS in Home Economics/Fashion Merchandising.  I pursued my career for six years and then reunited with an former high school classmate from Horlick, Gary Dalgaard.  We married and moved to Ohio where we live and worked for about thirteen years. Shortly after my son went to college, Gary's son, William, came to live with us for a number of years.  No sooner had he left than we adopted our third child, Birgit.  Shortly thereafter, we returned to Wisconsin, living first in Racine for about four years, and then Sun Prairie.  We have been married for twenty-two years now.
            As with so many, my family is my main focus.  I no longer work as I home school my daughter.  We started doing this about a year and a half ago, and it has worked well.  She not only enjoys learning, she is also pursuing a singing and acting, and modeling career.  She is extremely talented, and has plans to return to Los Angeles this November to sign with a manager who has been following her career, and has expressed an interest in having her return to do some work.  We have no idea of what the future holds other than it will be a great strain on the family as Gary will stay here while Birgit and I head west.  Her brother thinks we are nuts, but is getting excited thinking that maybe his sister will be successful.  With our sons gone, most of our focus is on Birgit and her schedule and needs.  I never expected to have such a talented child in the family.  There are many careers I would choose for her to follow, this not being one of them, but the entertainment field is her love, and I would rather have her pursue it with us at her side, than by herself with no support from us.  She is amazing!
            This summer we hosted two Ukrainian children from the Chernobyl area.  By bringing them over it will add years to their lives as the children born after the Chernobyl accident are at risk.  It has been an interesting experience for all of us.
            If you have any questions, please let me know.  Not sure if this is what you were looking for.
 Gretchann Birkholz Dalgaard


Leilani Gubin Mercier
    29Nov43 – 12Aug97   In Memoriam
A note received from her daughter – Leah Mercier Berger:
Greetings Classmates! This is just to let you know that Leilani Gubin/Mercier (my mother) died August 12, 1997. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer Jan 1, 1997 and died 8 months later.
May God Bless You All … for keeping her in your memories!
Margaret Habada Johnson 3943 Pinehill Blvd Racine, WI 53403 margaretinracine@hotmail.com   (262)554-5299
After high school I got married and had two children. After that I went to school and obtained a degree as and RN. I worked at St. Luke’s Hospital and ended up working in the Benefits Department at Johnson Wax. I retired in 2001.


Betty Hanson Tully
     (Dennis Tully)


    Dennis and I met in the halls of St. Cat's in 1959, and fell in love in coach [Del] Goebel’s general mat[c]h class.  After graduation, Dennis joined the Army and was stationed in New York City, Korea and Georgia.  I attended business school in Milwaukee, and then worked as a medical secretary for a physician in Wauwatosa, Wis. We were married in 1966 and will celebrate our 36th anniversary this Sept 10th.
We are the owners of Fidelity Title, Inc. title insurance business. Denny has been in the business for 36 yrs. having joined his father James Tully, who began the business 54 yrs. ago. We have four great children who have given us 9 1/2 grandchildren so far. Our two sons, Andy and Patrick  joined our business after attending college, and we are so proud of them.  Our daughter Amy lives in Mukwonago with husband Jeff and three children. Another daughter, Melissa was married a year ago, and lives in Burlington, as do we and our two sons.
            If you didn't have the music for our reunion, Dennis could bring all his Rock and Roll tunes. We sit and listen to those quite often.  He likes to fish , and really enjoys  working on the computer.  Dennis has become involved with the Burlington Historical Society, and has scanned about 5000 old photo's for them on to disc's.  So interesting to look back at the town in the 1800's now that we have been a part of Burlington for 25 yrs.
   I joined the Garden Club last year, and  am enjoying working in our yard. I read many books and try to walk 1 hour a day.  I can't wait to get together with JoAnn, Kathy , Mary Lou, Casey, and so many from St. Joseph's and St. Mary's grade school.
    Thanks so much for getting this together John and all.  See you in July then,
Betty and Dennis Tully

32131 Euphoria Dr., Burlington, WI 53105    262-763-5122





Mary Highman,  Peltier 3240 Spruce St. Racine, Wi. 53403 (262)554-1852
I met my husband Daniel at a singles club on Lake Ave. in Racine. 
I’ve been in childcare and a homemaker just about all of my single and married life. Raising our four daughters was definitely the most rewarding and challenging part of our lives. Now we’re looking forward to watching over our first grandchild come this fall.
            Forty years of …Life has taught me to never take for granted the love of your family and health. Enjoy everyday as it comes. Above all, always look at the positive side of things instead of the negative side. It sure makes life a lot more enjoyable. I’m looking forward to the next forty years and more. “Life is a blessing.”


Margaret (Marge) [Holly] Padian   - husband Bill   e-mail: mhollyp@aol.com
1420 Brawley Cr Atlanta   GA   30319-1711                 (770) 457-0022
     Hi, Fellow Classmates!
Since I’ve seen you last, I’ve lived in Connecticut (where I met Bill), Massachusetts, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and currently – in Atlanta, Georgia. We’ve been down here for almost 20 years now.   [The photo above was taken on Memorial Day 2002 when our family gathered up in the north Georgia mountains.] [Photo not included –editor.] We’ve made it a tradition to get the four of us together with as many other relatives as are able to come over that holiday.
I’ve had a number of careers – biochemistry research at Marquette University, teaching in both public and private schools, town treasurer. My current career is as a computer programmer/systems analyst – I’ve been doing this for over 23 years. For the past three years I’ve been with Home Depot at their headquarters, working on the financial systems.
My husband Bill works for the Dekalb School System as a school psychologist. Prior to that he worked as a teacher.
Brian lives in Hollywood with his wife, Margaret, their dog Max, and two cats. He’s currently working at Castle-Rock Studios and is hard at work on his next screenplay.
Carrie lives here in Atlanta and shares a house with her friend Theresa and their 5 cats, one dog and a turtle. Carrie works for Turner Broadcasting on their Help Desk.
Bill and I have been able to do some traveling and have been to California (LA, San Francisco, Arcata near the Oregon border), Santa Fe, Mexico City, the Yucatan, Aruba, and to Ireland. We’re looking forward to more traveling in the future. You can reach me via email at mhollyp@aol.com. Please enter St.Cat’s in the subject line as I generally delete anything from unfamiliar email addresses and I don’t want to delete yours! Hope to see you at our 50th reunion.           Marge


Lou Hunt
Known during my school years as “Mary Lou” or “most likely to. . .”, I am now known as “Lou”. 
After graduation I entered the Miss Racine Pageant and won, much to my horror and amazement! That was an eye-opening year, one of painful inner growth, all of which eventually led me on to a life of continual exploration, often exciting, often painful, but I couldn’t say, dull! I look forward to sharing the stories we’ve gathered as we move on to our “wiser” years!
In 1963 I became the Chief Tour Hostess at Johnson Wax until I married. At that time, (before civil rights) you had to leave when you married. Single girls only, sort of like the Playboy Club. I moved on to other mostly uninteresting office jobs and continued to work with the pageant, eventually directing and producing the whole darn thing for many years.   After my divorce in 1971 I moved to Milwaukee to work for The Milwaukee Labor Press. Through this job I became involved in the media world getting to meet all sorts of people from unions to politics, models to mafia. While at the paper I discovered my love of writing and became pretty good at it, gradually becoming an award-winning columnist for the paper. 
In 1972 I started doing commercials as a “lark”; some 30 years later I’m still doing them AND teaching others how to do them! (Who said having a big mouth wouldn’t pay off?)
I moved to Los Angeles in 1981 to go after the “big spots” and was pretty successful there for many years. I was the first female announcer for a Network Soap, was the first female to do Voice Over Promos for NBC, and over the years received three Clio awards on various ad campaigns. In 1984 I established my company, Word of Mouth Productions, the organizational name under which I still teach. I’ve coached hundreds of “wannabe” commercial actors, and chaired national SAG & AFTRA Voice Over seminars. Eventually I began coaching political candidates, business executives, on-air personalities and stage actors as well as people who just wanted to improve their speaking and communication skills. In 1996 I was invited to Nashville to coach some of their top VO performers and in 1997 I began teaching a Master Voice Over Class for UCLA which I still teach each year and is now accredited.

However by the middle 90s I was sick of LA and wanted to get out. When in 1998 my mother and my boyfriend both died within seven months I decided to move to Phoenix where I am now. I love it here, the weather is great, (hey, in the summers, we stay inside like you do in winter); the performing arts are thriving, every type of music imaginable and affordable; art of every medium is everywhere; a renaissance is beginning downtown with artists in residence above their renovated galleriesthere’s always some sort of festival each weekend, (which you can actually get to with a minimum of effort); the people are down-to-earth and interesting, (most are transplants from the Midwest!); the influence of the native Americans is felt everywhere; Arizona is literally run by women! (the top five governmental positions are filled by females!); and there’s still a sort of rugged, western attitude living side-by-side with imported urbanites. It has all the amenities of a small town and a big town, with almost none of the drawbacks of either.

Since being in Phoenix, (rising from the ashes, so to speak), I’ve been teaching here at several colleges as well as continuing to perform and do private coaching. Phoenix IS a magical place, just like they say in the travel magazines. It’s providing the opportunities to reinvent myself yet again! (Will it never end? I hope not!)
I still miss Lake Michigan though and am looking forward to seeing it and all my former classmates, especially my best compadres of yesteryears, Kathy, JoAnn, Kathy and Bruce, who are all planning on attending! Yea!
Forty years of life experiences.has taught me that I don’t know the answer(s)! The most important accomplishment we can aspire to is “Being Here Now”, the most difficult and most all-encompassing goal to achieve. Focusing on the moment with curiosity and compassion, without judgment or “trying to “fix” it is such a gift. Allowing oneself to just BE, especially to just be with someone, just being next to them, not necessarily conversing or forcing a conclusion to whatever’s going on, but listening, really listening is god-like; is that rare persona I’ve occasionally met and always admired, wishing I could be like that someday.
Allowing it All to be all right. Getting to this level of consciousness will take a lifetime and even then will not be perfected. But getting to higher levels each day, each year is what keeps this life exciting, what makes sense of the pain, the disappointments, the losses. 
Aging into an “elder” who has maintained curiosity and involvement draws people of all ages to us. Imparting the wisdom we’ve gained from our experiences, coupled with a sense of humility at the awe of it all, is the responsibility of our “new” age!

Lou Hunt


Bonnie Jackson Olley 12656 Grandin Lane Bridgeton, Mo. 63044 (314)291-0065 olleybj@earthlink.net
            After high school I went to Marquette Univ. and got a degree in Dental Hygiene.
 In May of 1965 I married my husband Jim and we moved to St Louis, Mo.  

 Jim works for the Boeing Co. (McDonnell Douglas Corp) I’m a Dental Hygienist at the Carrollwood Dental Group. We have raised five very good kids of which we are very proud of.     


Susan Jacob  Strand  1621 Dellwood Ct. Grafton, Wi. 53024 (262)377-6839
 I began my career in Women’s Liberation Activism. 
 I met my husband Robert at The Corner Bar.  
 After I realized we (women) ran things all along, I retired to motherhood. We have two daughters Elizabeth and Margaret.
       Forty years of life experience has taught me… that the sun always rises in the east.
Robert Jacobs   39242 Heatherbrook, Farmington Hills, MI   48331     bjacobs@vieng.com
After graduation, I attended St. Thomas College in St.Paul for four years.  Then went into the service for four years, serving in Turkey and Japan, then back to St. Thomas College to finish my degree.  I started working for Control Data Corp. back in 1972.  
In 1973, I married Betty, who was a double graduate from Mankato State University.  We lived in Hastings, MN for five years, and then moved to Michigan in late '78.   We have three children who have all done very well. Chrissy, our oldest just completed her Phd. in Chemistry from Cal Berkeley. Charlie graduated from Michigan State in Landscape Architecture and is doing great here in MI.   Our youngest, Annie is completing her senior year at DePaul in Chicago in Theater.  
Back to MI---we have lived in Farmington Hills for about 24 years.   In 1988, after 17 years with Control Data, I left to start an engineering business.   After four years, I sold my interest in that business and started another engineering business where I remain as owner and president. My firm is now about 50 strong and has offices in MI, IN and MN.   Needless to say, I travel alot.  
My wife and I enjoy golf and I manage to play tennis once a week and visit the "Y" occasionally.   We visit the area around Traverse City frequently and plan a retirement home their, hopefully in the next couple years. I look forward to the re-acquaintance opportunity this summer.
 Forty years of life experience has taught me…   In life, if you want something good to happen, expect to work hard to get it. Believe in God and your family. Neither will let you down. Thank God for all the good you receive. Keep challenging yourself and keep moving forward. You’ll feel better.

Bob Jacobs

Sandy Jaeck Kwas
After graduating from St. Catherine’s, I attended the UW extension for one year. In the summer of 1963, I began working at Johnson’s Wax and eventually became a legal secretary. In 1964, I married John Kwas (class of ’57. ) We had three children, Michael, Jackie and Amy. I became a full time mother and volunteered for everything from Scouts to Catholic Junior League to the Racine Aquatic Club parents’ group.
Chasing to swim meets with my kids eventually led me to my next career. I began to love the water, swam regularly at the Y finding it to be my “fitness” favorite.
When we moved to Sheboygan in 1977, our kids continued with YMCA swimming and I took a lifeguarding class with my daughter, Jackie. (Yes, I was the oldest person in the class.) I applied for a part time lifeguard/ swim instructor position at the Y and soon became a full time Aquatic Director. I retired this past June after 16 years of service. 
 I feel that my years at SCHS prepared me well for my career at the YMCA. Although we never used the same words as the motto of the Y, we certainly learned “caring, honesty, respect and responsibility”. Volunteer work, especially Pep club taught me how to develop programs by running pep assemblies and enjoying the rewards of a job well done.
Now in retirement, I am planning to spend more time with our children and our three grandsons.   I also plan to pursue old my old hobby of sewing and my new hobby of photography.   John and I hope to spend more time traveling and seeing the country.
Forty years of life experience has taught me that “LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO DRINK BAD WINE”, and enjoy every day to its fullest.   I thank God for our family, health and wonderful friends.


Betty Hanson Tully 32131 Euphoria Drive Burlington, WI 53105 dtully@wi.rr.com (262)763-5122
                After high school I attended Prospect Hall Business School in Milwaukee. I then was employed as a medical secretary for a surgeon in Milwaukee. After that I was employed at Twin disc in Racine for three years.
            In 1966, I married my husband Dennis Tully at St. Joseph Church in Racine. We began our family and have four children. Amy (Covelli) is 35 years old. Melissa (Preusker) is 30. Andy is 33 and Patrick is 31 years old. Now I am grandma to 9 ½ grandchildren. I also worked in our family business – Fidelity Title, INC.
            Forty years of life experience has taught me…
To slow down and embrace each day!
To listen and learn.
To enjoy the birds, flowers, planting.
To enjoy reading and walking.
Timothy Hembrook,     5356 Wind Point Rd. Racine, Wi. 53402   {262}681-2296  
Timothy Hembrook has been married to Judith Hembrook since August 1968.  He has two sons, Steven (32-class of 1987) and Scott (26-class of 1994)) married to Elizabeth (class of 1994), and a granddaughter (14 months, born on Dec. 25 2000).  He is the co-owner of Hembrook Hydronic Heating in Racine with his brother Jeff Hembrook (class of 1964). 
After high school I entered the United States Air Force. Then, I met my wife Judith Adams and we were married in 1968. We have two beautiful boys and now we have the most beautiful granddaughter, Kaila Elizabeth, born on Christmas Day 2000. 
In 1975 I started a heating and air conditioning business, (Hembrook Hydronic Heating, Inc.) with my brother Jeff Hembrook. 
Forty years of life experience has taught me… has taught me that the most important thing in life is your family.

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"The Lady Known As Lou"