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Wayne Holeton

The only information I could find on Wayne Holeton was a newspaper article from the Piqua Daily News from Piqua, Ohio date 4 Sep 1971 and showed a picture of a "chicken" swimming in the Wayne Holeton family swimming pool in Racine, Wisconsin.

Wayne's daughter Christine Holeton, age 11, was also shown in the newspaper article.

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06/19/21 02:12 PM #1    

John McNamee

Something fishy in Oakland

Former Racine resident Wayne Holeton recently got a big surprise when he was forwarded a letter from his sister in Racine. The letter, signed by President Clinton, was from our government honoring his memory and appreciation for service to our country. Nice sentiment, but Holeton is very much ALIVE and living in Oakland, Ark. The problem began back in January when his daughter in Racine was contacted by the Veterans Affairs in Little Rock to confirm that her father was dead. He was not dead and she told the agency so. She didn't think about it again until a few weeks ago. That's when Holeton's sister received the letter. Holeton contacted the VA and told them personally that he was indeed alive. The VA worker he spoke with told him they did have him listed as dead and that he knew of only one other instance where this had happened. Four hours of paperwork in an attempt to straighten out the error followed the initial phone call. Holeton is still waiting for his answer. He's not upset about the mistake but worries about how this will affect his Social Security. So far he's received this months check but still has concerns about receiving his benefits. Holeton served in the U.S. Navy Seabees from 1957 to 1960 in the Aleutian Islands. He lived in Racine until the late 1970s and was an avid fisherman, especially fond of Salmon-A-Rama. In fact, The Baxter Bulletin, Holeton's local newspaper that featured him in a recent article, showed him sporting a bright green Salmon-A-Rama T-shirt and a hat filled with SAR pins. Holeton routinely returns to Racine for the fishing event and to visit family.

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