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Joan Horien (Thilleman)

  Per John Lesko and Yvonee Perrelle, Joan Horien, who had attended Holy Trinity GS and the St Catherine's HS, Class of 1962, died in a accidental drowning while attending a convention with her husband, in Cancun, Mexico. 

  Her first marriage to a Grellinger did not work out. She acceded to her mother's wish that she return to school - which she did - and became a nurse. Her second husband Ron Thillman who later died of cancer, was the love of her life and they had a very happy marriage together.

  According to Lesko, the Mexican officials would not release the body until John and some of the other Johnson Wax employees took up a collection to "pay-off" the officials (about $4,000) to release the body to her husband Ron.


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John McNamee

John Lesko08/20/11 02:17 PM
Greetings John,I was able to obtain some additional "factual" information related to our late classmate Joan Horien.Joan passed away on Saturday, May 2, 1998 at the age of 53 in Cancun , Mexico. She and her second husband Ron Thilleman, (Sales Accounts Manager) employed by Johnson Wax Professional, (one of the S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. family of companies) were attending a sales awards event in Cancun, Mexico.The official cause of death was listed as drowning, however a heart attack might have also played a significant role in her death. Ron Thilleman reported to me at Johnson Wax professional and I had the pleasure to interact socially with Joan and Ron on numerous occassions. They were a wonderful couple that loved each other very much.Joan was born on July 22, 1944 in Moorehead, Minnesota. She was a 1958 graduate of Holy Trinity Catholic School, Racine, WI. She has two daughters, Traci and Tammi from a previous marriage.Ron Thilleman passed away 2-3 years after Joan. Joan graduated, with honors, from Carol College - Columbia Hospital, Milwaukee, WI with a degree in nursing in 1996.
I was blessed to have had breakfast with Joan on the morning of her passing.She was a WONDERFUL and CARING person and a GREAT friend who I will always retain special memories.

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